So amen to this, becasue it was a long time coming. I just spent last saturday at the library from 11 am to 6 pm, then at the coffeeshop from 7 pm to 11 pm writing. What you may ask?? Well nothing other than my 10 College applications that were due yesterday. I am applying for transfer to 10 colleges and universities across the north east. I had been working on them for weeks, and months . I am so thrilled to have sat down, do final edits and press submit.

The process is scary and exciting. However, I can honestly say that I left nothing on the floor. I wrote honestly, with passion and told my life story. I am so proud of myself because it is not easy to reveal so much about your existence to perfect strangers, for their judgement. I am now working on Creative Writing submissions for some Collegees. That is really scary, as it is my work, but it is the work I was meant to do, so I must get to it.


More details to come. I promise that it will not be so long again. I have lots on my radar.