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I love music. In fact, I even won a songwriting scholarship when I went to college fresh out of high school. My day is not complete without music. I once recently left my ipod/iphone in poughkeepsie and I had no portable music for about 5 weeks. It was absolute hell on earth. I write to music mostly. Writing in silence is what I do if I am in a crunch for time and the pressure is on.
If I am writing something academic, and time is not on my side, I need absolute silence. Otherwise, the way most people like to have the radio on or the television playing in the background, is how I am. I borrowed my mom’s all in one stereo and have not given it back, because it can play my old cd’s and my ipod playlists as loud as I need. I don’t even really notice the music, but I can’t do without it. It just gives me more life and energy towards whatever I am working on at the moment.
My playlists are legendary, if I say so myself. I have a playlist for almost any kind of mood or time of day. It totally rocks my socks to go from random German R&B, to Gershwin broadway and violent pop rap in rapid succession.

How do you all write? Does music or white noise help or enhance your process, or do you need absolute silence?