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So, I go hard for twitter. Real hard. I love it’s quickness, it’s power and connectivity to anyone. I just love twitter. my twitter handle for my exploits as a young and hungry author can be found above.
I follow Margaret Atwood for jeebs sake! How rad is that! Just being near her genius or that of Judy Blume rocks my socks! So imagine my joy when I stumbled upon a childhood obsession of mine, R.L. Stine on tha twitter! I seriously remember devouring all of his Fear Street books and making many trips to the library or the bookstore! It was all I did during my teen years.
In fact, not many know this, but I started writing my first short story, which I knew was going to be a New York Times best seller, because of my exposure to his books. I started out as a horror writer, y’all! I tweeted him randomly about my obsession & respect for his young adult novels (he’s sold over 300 million, y’all) and would you believe that he replied!!

These little instances may seem corny to some, but to me, I was transported back to those days of years ago. I was an outsider, always had many books at hand (not much has changed) and I could make up fantastical stories in my head, inserting myself right into fictional Shadyside! R.L. Stine was one of the main reasons I knew writing was my gift and passion and I am forever thankful for his contributions!

Has social media gotten you a fan encounter with one of your favorite scribes? Share!!