Well, what do we have here? The pained writer, using her angst to write angry and acerbic poetry? Yup.. guilt as charged. I have been able to write more naturally when I have more turmoil in my day to day life. If you count failed relationships and broken hearts as turmoil, then I should be on a roll.

All kidding aside, I’ve been using my iPhone notes app to write on the go. There’s also Evernote, Dropbox and Easy Writer that I use on the regular. I love this type of technology because it means freedom. Freedom for my thoughts to roam, to sit and grow. I have been also using Instagram and its companion, Tweegram to get bite sized anger out to the masses. What fun… in 140 characters or less, you can feel the wretched pain that is my everyday life. Cool huh?

Gotta strike whe the iron is hot. Considering that I go for loooong stretches without sitting in the quiet and just throwing words down, this is good for me. I mean, ahem, I am not suggesting going through tortuous mental anguish just to write regularly.  But for me, it’s doing the trick.