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Ok, so it’s been a minute. Obviously this writer has not been writing. I’ve been working on getting my life in some kind of workable order. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of material from which to pull, however I may just be too exhausted to write anything good.

Now, I imagine most of what I write will be decent, but the real gems will be the ones that I pour my heart & soul into. I’m gonna say it, I’m afraid to open up that box of worms.. What if I lose my God given mind? At the stroke of my pencil?

So naturally, I’m faced with extreme research paper writing & college application writing. Both different, but essential to my existence right about now. These college application personal statements have my whole future riding on them. Maybe that’s the first problem. Maybe I should ease up on the pressure? Maybe I should think about having a conversation when writing these most important statements of purpose.

I feel as tho there is a lot of pressure to write well. I mean, what good is a writing & literature major who can’t get a word out? I’m going to need to sit with this for a few more days, then as a mentor once said, & taught : ” write as if your life depended on it”.

Interesting days & weeks ahead.