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Laying here, can’t sleep for shit again.. My head Is too busy, full of ideas. Full of things I need to let go, give life on the page. I have been thinking more and more about my future lately. What that will look like.
Ultimately it boils down to how much I believe in myself. How much I think it’s worth the fight, to write. While I’m here, deep in my own mire, life & time are passing me by. My fear of greatness is crippling me.
I’ve done most everything I’ve ever wanted to do, but this is one of the last dragons to slay. Really throwing myself into writing, writing everyday. The fear has left me dizzy, drunk on dreams that resemble nightmares the longer I put them off.
I have been lucky enough to find some great online resources & support lately. I should definitely be gathering my balls, yet some really well known writers keep spooking me.. Basically, I’m psyched out by a few that I really respect. Luckily because of social media, I’ve been able to follow them & even have mini “chats” with a few.
I just need to take their advice & jump into writing.
Fear– go far, far away.. You’re not looking too good.. At least not to me!