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Well, I’m here. On wordpress, & I’m going to make my time here count. I’m Kat & these are my adventures. A way to chronicle my life as a writer.
To understand me is to know me. To know my heart you’ve got to know my passion. I often kid that since I came out the womb with a notepad & pencil in hand, clutching for the scoop. Infamil or Similac?? Hmm, inquiring minds wanted to know! As a little girl, I wanted nothing more then to be a best selling author on the NYT best sellers list.
With that kind of passion comes rejection. Too many times, I’ve internalized others fears of the arts & pursuing a career in it. I’ve let my dream slip away while I pursued other interests.
Today, as a returning student, and a Writing & Literature major, I will not let this dream go. It is in my blood & all that I want do do for the rest of my days. This blog is my chance. This blog is me putting it all out there, as I navigate & figure it all out. Please come along with me on this adventure!