I’m back. Kind of. Sort of.


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Woweeee. It’s been almost a year since I’ve written on this baby blog of mine. I’ve missed it tons. I’ve been so busy over the last few months, 10 of them to be exact.

There was my final semester at my community college. A full time schedule, part time job, teaching assistant volunteer gig, and the task of applying for transfer into 10 schools. I was the epitome of busy.

It all paid off however, because at this moment in time, I’ve transferred to the most writer friendly undergraduate school in the country. In my opinion anyways. Sarah Lawrence College is the place to be. It’s a writing intensive school in so many ways. All classes, regardless of discipline rely heavily on writing in practice, not just theory.

So, now rolling into my second semester as a transfer, with a very well known MFA program nearby, I’ll explore this world as I chronicle my days as a student. I’ve taken writing classes with phenomenal faculty, many of whom are authors of books in Barnes and Nobles. It’s the real deal. Anyways. Stay with me on my adventures.